Special Editions

Extended management tools:

If you are interested in using any of our books as a management or leadership development tool, let us know. We may be able to provide you with extra documentation, associated reading lists, full reprints of related articles or other tools. Workbooks regarding some of the books are also available on demand. Please submit an enquiry for more information.

Customized editions: 

These are special editions created for a particular audience, such as a specific company or organization. The core materials of the book are maintained, but relevant company-specific resources – such as in-house case studies or tool-kits – are added. The text will also refer to internal frameworks such as your own values and beliefs systems, declared strategy, credo or other existing tools. A special foreword or tailored introduction – written either by the author or by your company’s leadership – may be added as well. The book cover could also be adapted. Using modern printing technology, we can supply virtually any number of copies, from small runs to bulk production.

If you are interested in customizing one of our books to your organization’s needs, please submit an enquiry for more information.