Work could be remarkable.

There are two types of people in organizations: ‘Therefore People’ and ‘However People’.

The ‘Therefore People’ have all the pieces of reality in front of them and conclude, “We must do X”. The ‘However People’ have the same pieces, but conclude, “It looks like we should do X, however, we could also explore Y or Z. We always have options”.

This is a book about ideas, about people, about work in organizations. It is born out of the belief that work can be remarkable. ‘However’ thinking is Leandro Herrero’s path to uncovering possibilities.

In each of the short chapters of the book, he encourages us to look at contrarian or unconventional views, to reframe obvious questions, to be brave and to challenge many default positions sitting very comfortably in our organizations. The default views, the standard ways, are usually well entrenched. Organizations are in desperate need of an epidemic of ‘However’. This is a ‘However’ book. It’s an invitation to think critically and to engage in work with the belief that it can be remarkable.

Drawing on his behavioural sciences background and acute observations from his extensive body of work as an Organizational Architect, Leandro Herrero, consultant, author and international speaker, seeds this thinking in his Daily Thoughts blog and in his previous books: Viral Change™, Homo Imitans, Disruptive Ideas, The Leader with Seven Faces and New Leaders Wanted.

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